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Update Incoming

Tons of fixes incoming and then we are finally ready for a wave of new features and upgrading some of the existing ones. The data we have captured over the last six weeks has been invaluable! Thank... read more

Slowly But Surely!

Ok everyone. We are about to let in a new wave of users now that we have solved the upload problem and made some other small improvements. We have a long list of things we have gotten from all of y... read more

Upload Overhaul

Looks like we overlooked some things in our minimum version on the uploader and it craps out way to easily. Working fast and hard to upgrade it and get back on track. read more

Lots to do!

Prasad and I have been working hard and fast on shoring up the bugs we have found so far. Keep bringing them to our attention. Over the next several weeks we will work hard to put things in thei... read more

Bug Hunt!

Welcome back eh? Pardon the dust, scaffolding and dead bodies. But we really need your help to nail this down. So ... Let's play a little game shall we! Bug Hunt .. find them and then send them ... read more

RIP by patrick Reviewed on 31 Jul, by Dustin Beyette

I really like the serious and thoughtful overtones. Nice and relaxing but also big huge and bad, but also beautiful. The structure is all over the place and I like that. I... read >

covet (wip) by brb Reviewed on 9 Jul, by w00tw00

this was very interesting to hear, something fun to hear. read >

Divine (demo) by Basiq Reviewed on 29 Jun, by patrick

Fucking love how funky this is, and really fun. Not sure of this, but flanger fx is a little bit high, 10/10 read >

Sevnt ez bach cowbell edit 2 by patrick Reviewed on 27 Jun, by hondasolo

This is pretty dope! You might wanna finish up the project, things are sounding mega funky read >

Sevnt ez bach cowbell edit 2 by patrick Reviewed on 26 Jun, by w00tw00


killcade. by zyntech. Reviewed on 23 Jun, by w00tw00

0:51 - 0:58 is clique, you should try to stay away from that as much as possible for this track and some of the other ones you uploaded. Alright man. read >

Obsessed Alternate by seanpko Reviewed on 17 Jun, by w00tw00

I like the intro. Pretty much you just need to mix it more. Here do you have a skype that we can talk on? The vocals just need more effects to match the son... read >
Clouds by opus30
Drum & Bass uploaded on August 9, 2014
Neo Noir ft. Khari by Vaudino
Trip Hop uploaded on August 9, 2014
E.T. by Dustin Beyette
Experimental uploaded on August 5, 2014
Guided Without Direction by Dustin Beyette
Experimental uploaded on August 1, 2014
Still Afraid to Ask (ft. G Dubbs) by Dustin Beyette
Experimental uploaded on August 1, 2014
Anger from the West by Dustin Beyette
Experimental uploaded on August 1, 2014
RIP by patrick
Experimental uploaded on July 26, 2014
Spiral by Sensorman
Acid House uploaded on July 22, 2014
Where's my money by Jiwan
Reggaeton uploaded on July 15, 2014
Roxtarytar by EKyqieDo
Progressive Electronica uploaded on July 13, 2014